One of These Nights

A Tribute to the Eagles and their solo work

The music of the Eagles has become the soundtrack for the 20th century and beyond.  The Eagles have sold over 150 million records, including 5 number-one singles and six number one albums.  Their Greatest Hits (1971 – 1975) is the top selling album of the 20th century with over 42 million copies sold.  They have won 6 Grammy Awards, 5 American Music Awards and were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, making the Eagles one of America’s biggest bands of all-time. ​In October of 2006, national award winning cover band Maggie Speaks was playing an acoustic show for a corporate event in Phoenix, Arizona when the crowd began calling for Eagles tunes.  As they launching into “Take It Easy”, “Life In the Fast Lane” and “Hotel California”, the crowd went wild.  Afterwards, the event producers approached the group with the idea of creating a full Eagles tribute concert for an event in April of 2007 in Cabo San Lucas.  With just 6 months to prepare, Maggie Speaks set out to find the ultimate lineup of musicians and meticulously crafted a 2 hour note for note tribute, encapsulating all of the guitar licks and soaring harmonies.
The show was so well received that the band decided to remain active, performing periodically at festivals, casinos, performing arts centers and corporate events throughout the country, Chicago and the outlying suburbs.The show is a 2+ hour note for note tribute to the Eagles and the solo work of Don Henley, Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh.  You will hear all of your favorite hits from “Take It Easy” to “Hotel California” with some surprises in between.  One of These Nights does not simply play the music of the Eagles, they become the Eagles.  Whether it is guitarist Dave Carl perfectly matching Don Henley’s distinguished voice, Mike Aquino ripping through a Don Felder or Joe Walsh guitar solo, Randy Riley nailing a Timothy B Schmidt vocal or Dave Calzaretta recreating a Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh or Randy Meisner classic, this show will leave you in awe wanting more.​Each year, there will be a limited run of shows, so be sure not to miss them.

  • Dave Calzaretta
        Founder of Maggie Speaks
        - Lead Vocals


  • Dave Carl
        Guitarist of Final Say
        - Lead Vocals and Guitars

  • Randy Riley
        Bassist of Dennis DeYoung
        - Lead Vocals and Bass

  • Mike Aquino
        Guitarist for Jim Peterik's World Stage,       
    ​     Pride of Lions, and Lucky Town  

              - Lead Vocals and Guitars

  • Brother John Kattke 
        Keyboardist for ..... Everyone
        - Keys, Guitars, and Vocals


  • Tyson Ellert
        Drummer for Final Say
        ​- Drums and Percussion